In-Line mains Water Filter System
Q. How does the HiFLOW® filter work?

Q. How does the HiFLOW® filter work?


A.  The HiFLOW® filter carries out three filtration processes in the one pressure vessel (cartridge).

Firstly, inside the cartridge there is a carbon compound “barrier” and this barrier stops all particles one micron or larger from passing through. Particles include dirt, sediment and cysts such as Giardia and cryptosporidium.

Secondly, this carbon compound removes chlorine, bad tastes, odours and colour from the incoming water supply – this special compound has a useful life of 12 months.

Finally, the cartridge contains polyphosphate a mineral that reduces limescale build up in water using appliances. That is, it stops scale build up in appliances like coffee machines, kettles and irons etc. Again, this process has a useful life of 12 months.

Please note – the HiFLOW® filter system will not operate under gravity fed systems. The minimum water pressure for use of a HiFLOW® system is 70 kPa (10 psi).

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Q. How long will the HiFLOW® filter last?

Q. How long will the HiFLOW® filter last?

A.  The HiFLOW® filter cartridge will last 12 months depending on the quality of the water in your area. The filter cartridge will produce over 56,000 litres of pure filtered water over the 12 month period.

The carbon and limescale removal compound within the filter cartridge have a useful life of 12 months, after which time the filter cartridge will not be carrying out the filtration process effectively.

Obviously, usage and incoming water quality play an important role in the effective life of a filter cartridge. Also, be aware that water pressure will also play a role as low water pressure will lessen a filter cartridges’ life as it becomes clogged with particles and contaminants over time.

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Q. How do I know that the filter will actually do what you say it will?

A.  Because the filters have been independently certified and are Watermark certified. Let us explain;

WaterMark is certification is applied in relation to water supply, sewerage, plumbing and drainage goods.

The building and plumbing industry in Australia supports the use of the WaterMark which, when used properly, is an excellent way of helping Australian consumers be confident about the quality of the Plumbing Products to which the WaterMark is applied.

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Q.  How fine is the filtration?

A. The HiFLOW® cartridge filters down to one micron in size!

As a guide human hair is 75 microns in size, Giardia cysts are between 2 and 4 microns in size.

Q. Does the filtration process remove fluoride?

A.  Fluoride is introduced into our water supplies in a dissolved form and is not removed by the HiFLOW® filtration process.

Q. What if we move home can I take the filter with me?

A.  Yes, you can!  You simply turn off the water supply at the cold water isolation tap, and unscrew the unit and then reconnect the cold water hose from your main tap back onto the isolation tap. It is advisable to store the filter cartridge in a water tight container during transportation and before reconnection.

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Q. Can I use a HiFLOW® system for my rainwater?

A.  Yes, you can but please be aware of the following important issues;

  • You must have a pump with minimum pressure of 70kPa (10psi) delivering rainwater to your kitchen sink to ensure that the system performs effectively.
  • It is highly advisable that the water be treated with a pre-filter prior to its entry into your home as this prolongs the life of your HiFLOW® filter cartridge, otherwise you may not achieve 12 months cartridge life.
  • Although the HiFLOW® filter system will remove cysts which can be prevalent in rainwater due to bird and animal droppings it is not certified to remove bacteria or viruses should they be present in the rainwater supply.

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Q.  Can I use a filter cartridge other than the HiFLOW® cartridge?

Q. Can I use a filter cartridge other than the HiFLOW® cartridge?

A.  Only the HiFLOW® filter cartridge fits into the patented HiFLOW® head assembly and importantly, this ensures that you receive the quality filtered water at the far superior flow rate.

This also protects your 10 year warranty.

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Q.  Is HiFLOW® a carbon filter?

Q. Is HiFLOW® a carbon filter?

A.  HiFLOW® is not just a carbon filter – it is much more – the HiFLOW® filter cartridge performs three filtration functions within the one canister. This can be explained as follows;

Stage 1

Within the filter canister is a membrane that traps all particles one micron or larger from passing through the filtration process. These particles include sediment, Cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia. Over time it is this barrier / membrane that will become clogged with particles and a reduction in flow may be evident.

Stage 2

The internal barrier / membrane described above contains a special activated carbon compound. This compound will filter out chlorine and any taste, odour or colour issues within the water supply through an absorption filtration process. The useful life of the carbon compound is 12 months.

Stage 3

The final filtration process undertaken by the HiFLOW® filter cartridge reduces limescale (scale) build up in water using appliances. The final chamber of the HiFLOW® cartridge contains an amount of polyphosphate to treat calcium and magnesium particle and stop them from forming scale on appliance such as kettles, coffee and ice making machines. The useful life of the polyphosphate is 12 months.

The end result is clean, clear filtered water delivered a cost of around one (1) cent per litre.

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Q. Can HiFLOW® be connected to hotwater?

Q. Can HiFLOW® be connected to hotwater?

A.  The simple answer to this question is “No it cannot” – as the internals and performance of the HiFLOW® cartridge are only certified for use between 2 & 38 degrees C.

A potential solution for Hotwater would be to install the HiFLOW® system within the cold water line that services the hot water heater. However, Hot water heaters use a substantial amount of water so the HiFLOW® cartridge may require changing more often than 12 months.

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