In-Line mains Water Filter System
HiFLOW® Inline Water Filter System
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HiFLOW® Inline Water Filter System

Kit Product Code K-T-HIFLOW
RRP $293 incl. GST
Replacement Filter Cartridge
RRP $124 incl. GST
  • Fast filtered water from the kitchen mixer tap.
  • Connects directly to the kitchen mixer tap, no separate tap required
  • Filter system is concealed under the kitchen bench
  • Up to 4 x faster than traditional filter systems
  • Cartridge life of up to 12 months with easy replacement
  • High performance filtration, certified to remove/reduce sediment, chlorine, bad taste, odours and cysts, including
    giardia and cryptosporidium

WFA HARSHWATER HiFLOW® kits and cartridges are also available for areas with hard water, higher mineral and organic content. View the WFA HARSHWATER HiFLOW® product page