In-Line mains Water Filter System

Duo Filtered Hot/Cold Ambient System

Kit Product Codes
RRP $995 incl. GST
Replacement Filter Cartridge
Product Code C-T-CLASSIC
RRP $113 incl. GST
  • Instant and affordable steaming hot filtered water and filtered ambient cold water
  • Ideal for tea, instant noodles, blanching vegetables, dissolving stock cubes, instant gravy and more, plus provides filtered ambient cold water
  • WFA Classic filter system and instantaneous hot water unit installed discretely under bench
  • Adjustable temperature control, up to 96° C supplying up to 60 cups per hour of filtered hot water
  • Stylish dedicated bench top filter tap in gooseneck or square neck design incorporating child safety lock
  • Saves time and money, faster than boiling a kettle and uses less energy
  • Cartridge life of up to 12 months with easy replacement