In-Line mains Water Filter System

How to select the best water filter for a home

Best water filter

Choosing the best option for a home water filter… It can be a big ask, but we can make a bit easier.

Firstly, we recommend asking five key questions:

  1. How much money do you want to spend?
  2. How much bench space is there?
  3. What will the filtered water be used for? Is it just for drinking or for cooking, too?
  4. How many people are going to use it?
  5. How much water pressure do you require? E.g. do you need a fast flow rate for other things like washing produce etc.?

Now, let’s move onto the HiFLOW® options available.

Classic Filter SystemThe classic option

The Classic Filter System is a good option if they only want to use filtered water some of the time. 

With a slimline tap that sits near the kitchen mixer tap above the bench and the Classic filter cartridge installed below the bench, the Classic Filter System is perfect for a small family who only want filtered water for drinking. 

When less is more

The HiFLOW® Inline Water Filter System is ideal for those after a little more. It provides all of the benefits of the Classic system with fast flowing filtered water coming from any kitchen mixer tap. 

With a simpler installation all tucked away neatly under the bench and no need for a separate tap the cost is less, so it’s an all-round winner.

A little more - Filter System

This system offers fast flowing filtered water on tap for drinking, cooking, washing produce and more. The system fits under the kitchen sink and integrates with any standard mixer tap keeping your benchtop uncluttered and modern. 

Since there’s no need to drill a hole for a dedicated filter tap, the HiFLOW® Inline Water Filter System is also one of the best water filtration systems for those with under-mount sinks or granite bench tops.

With the same recommended 12 month cartridge change at a similar cost to the Classic system, this is a popular family favourite for good reason!

Packing a big punchPacking a big punch

If you want instant filtered boiling water in addition to filtered normal cold water via a stylish dedicated tap the Duo Filtered Hot/Cold Ambient System may be the right choice.

With the same great water filtration benefits as Classic and HiFLOW® Inline Water Filter Systems, the Duo Filtered Hot/Cold Ambient System is a compact system that delivers both filtered cold and steaming hot filtered water.

Ideal for tea, instant noodles, blanching vegetables, dissolving stock cubes, instant gravy and more.  This system offers the best tasting hot water and is cheaper and quicker than boiling a kettle! And with a capacity of 60 cups an hour, it’s the perfect choice for those who like to entertain.

In the bathroom

Vanity Inline Filter System for Bathroom

You love the taste and convenience of filtered water in your kitchen and it can be a shock when you grab a quick drink from the bathroom tap during the night and have a drink – unless it also has filtration.  Sometimes the kitchen seems so far away…  

To solve this problem, we developed the Vanity Inline Filter System. Compact enough to fit under the bathroom sink and still providing fast-flowing, great-tasting water through the bathroom mixer tap – just like our HiFLOW® system.

Offering fresh, filtered water from the bathroom tap, this option is great for those who also understand the benefits of using chlorine-free filtered water in their grooming routine.

Like HiFLOW®’s complete range of water purification filters, the Vanity Inline Filter System uses the latest in carbon block filtering technology. This system keeps calcium and fluoride in the water which means it’s great for teeth. 

Want to learn more about what HiFLOW® has on offer? Send us a message or call our friendly team on 1300 443 569.

HiFLOW® Inline Filter System

HiFLOW® Inline Filter System

Fast filtered water from the kitchen mixer tap.

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Vanity Inline Filter System

Vanity Inline Filter System

Fast filtered water from the bathroom tap.

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Classic Filter System

Classic Filter System

Traditional filter tap system with a dedicated filter tap above the bench and WFA Classic filter system discretely concealed under the bench.

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